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Technology powered by purpose

Practical Innovations


Sports utility vehicles are for those with a
distinctive lifestyle. It’s why the GV80 is integrated
with cutting-edge technological features that
better connect with the driver’s way of living.


Experience exceptional sound with 21 Lexicon®
speakers and QuantumLogic® surround sound
technology. Optimally positioned for the best
stereophonic sound, key speakers are paired with
stainless steel grilles for a crisp and clear projection.
Supported by a 14-channel high output external
amplifier, the GV80’s audio system offers rich bass for
immersive listening.

premium infotainment
  • Genesis Infotainment System

    The GV80’s dashboard display comes equipped with the Genesis user interface, granting drivers an intuitive navigation map. Includes a 14.5” display, Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

  • Genesis Integrated controller

    Write your way to the next destination. Using the center control panel’s interactive and intuitive Genesis integrated controller, use your handwriting for swifter usability.

Seating luxury
  • Advanced ergonomic driver’s seat[A1]

    Seven air pouches adjust their inflation levels to support the specific contours of a driver’s body. The seat can also provide a subtle relieving, loosening massage to the pelvis, lumbar or whole body to offset the effects of an extended period behind the wheel.

  • Second row luxury

    Rear seat passengers can recline, tilt, slide, heat[A1] and cool[A1] their individualised seating to suit their personal preferences. Occupants in the front can also use the infotainment touchscreen to recline the outside passengers in the second row and fold both rear rows automatically[A1].



This takes turn-by-turn navigation to an amazing new level. Real-life, real-time footage recorded by a front-facing camera is overlayed to show the navigated route ahead in the most realistic way possible.

Parking Assist

Remote Smart Parking Assist[A1]

Analysing the parking space and automatically controlling the steering wheel and vehicle speed, it assists the driver with convenient parking and driving out. Smart keys can also be used outside the vehicle remotely.


Your loved ones sitting behind you will enjoy
the unexpectedly superior comfort built in to rows
two and three, including the ability for the outside
passengers in the second row to be electronically
reclined should they fall asleep.


Surround View Monitor

To assist with maneuvering the GV80 in tight locations, cameras around the GV80 provide a 3D view of your surroundings. You’ll feel comfortable and in control.

Surround View Monitor
Small flourishes
  • Puddle lamps

    These unique and eye-catching flourishes use embedded LEDs to project the Genesis logo brightly onto the ground, helping you and your passengers avoid puddles of water and other unwelcome surfaces.

  • Soft-close doors[A1]

    The GV80’s door retracting system will gently pull a door closed, before latching it securely. So you won’t hear them slam, and beeping alerts about a partially-closed door won’t irritate your ears either.

Overseas model shown. Features and specifications vary depending on region. All care has been taken to represent features and specifications as accurately as possible, using the information available at this time. Not all features may be available on all variants of GV80. Please confirm final specifications at launch before finalising any orders for GV80.

[A1] - Feature available on optional luxury package only.

[A2] - Not all functions displayed may be available on local vehicle. Please check specifications at time of launch.

[A3] - Available on 3.0D AWD and 3.5T AWD variants only.