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Warranty Information


Vehicles manufactured/sold by Hyundai Motors Company (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) are designed/produced in accordance with relevant laws regarding vehicles and emission parts through the inspection process according to the quality control standard. Any defects found under normal use and maintenance according to the inspection and maintenance cycle and guideline specified in the instruction manual are covered as the below in accordance with the Company’s Warranty Policy and relevant laws including Automobile Management Act, Framework Act on Consumers and Clean Air Conservation Act.


If any component within a vehicle purchased by a customer, was normally used and maintained according to the inspection and maintenance cycle and guideline specified in the instruction manual provided by the Company, is still under a valid warranty period, and is still under a valid warranty mileage is found to be defective as described in the below items, the defective component will be repaired or replaced with a new component, or with the Company’s authorized re-manufactured parts.

  • 1.1 General components and/or powertrain components that are technically proven to be defective in material or workmanship
  • 1.2 Emission parts that are not performing normally (in accordance with Clean Air Conservation Act)

  • Critical defects related to driving, safety, etc for non-commercial sedans, non-commercial compact vans and non-commercial compact freight vehicles, will be warranted in accordance with Consumer Dispute Resolution criteria.
    (‘Non-commercial’ refers to the vehicles not for profit-making corporates or individual businesses.)


2.1 Warranty Period

- The warranty period starts from the date of sales of a new vehicle. The warranty expires according to the period or mileage, whichever occurs first.

Electrified G80 WARRANTY PERIOD AND PARTS - This table is including information of Warranty Period, Warranty Mileage, Note
Category Warranty Period Warranty Mileage Note
Car body and general components 5 years 100,000km  
Powertrain parts
5 years 100,000km  
Cooling/heating parts 5 years 100,000km Covered for the first year from the date of purchase with no mileage limitation
Electric vehicle warranty parts 10 years 200,000km
Perforation by corrosion 7 years - Event of perforation by corrosion originating from the surface of the vehicle
For corporate 7 years 140,000km

‘Business use’ means a vehicle used for business purposes of a for-profit corporation or individual.

Body exterior panel: Hood, door, A/B/C pillar, fender, tailgate, roof, side sill panel.

2.2 Engine and Powertrain Related Parts

- The warranty period of peripheral devices of engine and powertrain are applied equally as the warranty period of car body and general components

Electrified G80 Engine and Powertrain Related Parts - This table is including information of Key Parts, Peripheral Devices
Category Key Parts Peripheral Devices
Propulsion axle, front and rear axle - Propeller shaft and relevant parts, constant velocity joint (except rubber boot)
- Drive plate
- Differential gear and axle housing, axle shaft
- Gaskets and seals in the axle
- All parts in suspension, brake and steering (including axle parts such as wheel hub, knuckle, king-pin and ball joint)
- Hub bearing

The peripherals of the powertrain are the same as the warranty period for the body and general parts.

2.3 Electric Vehicle Warranty Parts

- High voltage battery, drive motor, reducer, inverter, ICCU (LDC+OBC), electric vehicle system control unit (VCU)

3. WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS (Below items are not covered even during the warranty period)

  1. 3.1 Items Not Covered by Warranty

    1. Normal maintenance services that shall be done regularly Fuel system cleaning, wheel alignment, wheel balance, engine tune-up, brake inspection and adjustment
    2. Replacement of consumable parts Ignition plug, motor brush, clutch disk, brake lining, nozzle, glow plug, fuse,
    wiper blade, belts, filters, rubber bushes, bulbs and oils
    3. Any cost except for the cost of part(s) used and the cost of labor at the time of a warranty repair transportation, accommodation, and any expenses due to loss of use of the vehicle and taxes and the public utilities’ charge
    4. Any functional irregularities that are acknowledged to have no direct effect on general quality and performance of the vehicle slight noise, vibration, odor, exterior, operational sensation, and etc.
    5. Any defects resulting from negligence of proper maintenance as required in the Instruction Manual
    6. Any defects resulting from repairs done in unauthorised service centres or the service network, or use of Non-genuine Hyundai parts or accessories are not approved by Hyundai.
    7. Use of improper or insufficient fuel, fluids or lubricants
    8. Any defects resulting from modifications, alterations or tampering that can affect the performance and/or safety of the vehicle (including but not limited to removal, modification and alteration of part (s) in the emission gas purification system).
    9. Any defects which are attributable to the modification of the vehicle, including but not limited to modifications of the performance, exterior and installations of additional part(s).
    10. Any defects resulting from overloading, negligence, delayed repair, accident or natural disaster.
    11. Any defects resulting from use of improper or contaminated fuel.
    12. Any vehicle, in which the actual mileage cannot be confirmed because the odometer has been altered, or modified, or because the odometer was neglected for some time despite its damage
  2. 3.2 Rust/Corrosion Items Not Covered by Warranty

    1. Any rust/corrosion due to accident, crash, installation of device(s) on the car surface, or alteration of car exterior
    2. Any rust/corrosion due to environmental pollution or acid rain, birds excrement, hail, or exposure to (excessive) direct sunlight
    3. Any rust/corrosion due to neglect, misuse, or abuse
    4. Scratches caused by external shocks, scratches caused from automatic car wash, or paint or body damages that can develop corrosion on the surface
    5. Any rust/corrosion due to improper undercoating, or use of other anti-corrosion additives
    6. Any rust/corrosion due to use of chemicals including oils, polish, cleaner, abrasive, and solvent.

For any conflict about return and exchange, follow Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria - applied only on non-commercial sedans, non-commercial compact vans and non-commercial compact freight vehicles


  1. 4.1 The Owner’s Manual will introduce you to the features and operation of your new GENESIS. To become familiar with your new GENESIS, so that you can fully enjoy it, read the Owner’s Manual carefully before driving your new vehicle.
  2. 4.2 This manual also contains information on maintenance designed to enhance safe operation of the vehicle. It is recommended that all service and maintenance on your car be performed by an authorized HYUNDAI/GENESIS dealer. HYUNDAI/GENESIS dealers are prepared to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any other assistance that may be required.
  3. 4.3 Any component forming part of the original vehicle specification manufactured by HYUNDAI/GENESIS or supplied by HYUNDAI/GENESIS MOTOR EUROPE (except tyres and accessories), which are found to have a manufacturing defect during normal usage of the vehicle will, at the discretion of GENESIS MOTOR EUROPE GmbH, be repaired or replaced, at no cost to the vehicle owner. Components replaced under the terms of the warranty shall continue to have the benefit of the unexpired portion of the warranty only.


  1. 5.1 The Company is not obligated to apply any design changes followed by specification changes of manufacture for vehicles of same type to the previously released vehicles.


  1. 6.1 This warranty can be transferred to a new owner, however it cannot be transferred to another vehicle. If the vehicle is originally registered for commercial use, subsequent owners of the vehicle, even if using the vehicle privately, will only benefit from the remainder of the commercial warranty. A vehicle registered for private use, when sold on for commercial use, will benefit from the remainder of the commercial warranty with its associated mileage limitation. If you transfer ownership of the vehicle or change your personal details please contact GENESIS Customer Center 080-700-6000.

If you have any question after receiving a service from our High-tech Centers or blueHands, please contact Genesis Customer Center (080-700-6000)