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We have gathered frequently asked questions and their answers in one place.We have gathered frequently asked questions and their answers in one place.


How can I purchase a home charger?

Level 2 Home Charging Stations are available through our partner ChargeHub. When purchasing your Genesis electric vehicle, you will receive information about ChargeHub and how to order a charging station. If you have any questions, please contact your Genesis Experience Manager at any time. 


I am unsure if my home meets the requirements to install a home charger. How do I proceed?

Please contact our partner ChargeHub directly using the contact details below or visit Alternatively, you can contact your Genesis Experience Manager, who can provide you with more information.

ChargeHub  |  Phone: 1-888-400-0164  |  Email:


Will my vehicle notify me when it is low on charge?

With Genesis Intelligent Assistant App, you can conveniently check the current charge of your vehicle. You can also stop and start charging your vehicle at your fingertips using the charging control system.


How much is a new Electric vehicle?

While initial purchase prices are typically higher, EV prices continue to decline as production costs are amortized. And with the variety of savings EV owners enjoy, many recoup the extra cost of the vehicle within three years.


Can I find a place to charge my EV on the road?

Currently, there are approximately 6,000 public charging stations and 16,000 charging ports in Canada – plenty to support today’s EV owners. A variety of public charging networks have also been created and continue to expand, which means getting a charge is becoming easier every day. Click here to find a charging station. 


What is the warranty coverage on a Genesis electric vehicle?

Genesis Motors Canada's EV System Warranty covers select electrical and battery components* up to a total of 96 months from the warranty registration date, or 160,000 km, whichever occurs first. Click here to discover full warranty coverage details. For recommended service schedules, download one of our EV owner's manuals here