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·       X Convertible concept personifies Athletic Elegance design philosophy

·       Architecture and powertrain shared with X Concept and X Speedium Coupe

·       Folding hardtop roof features integrated transparent moonroof

·       Modern interior design rooted in rich Korean architectural roots


MALIBU, Calif., Nov. 15, 2022 – Genesis demonstrated its design versatility today with the unveiling of the Genesis X Convertible concept in California. The brand hosted an intimate viewing where guests were delighted with a surprise unveiling of a four-passenger open-roof concept.

“Genesis started by producing sedans mainly targeting business users. While creating a new, differentiated design DNA, we gradually increased the emotional appeal by applying this DNA to the SUV typology. Now, electric powertrains have given us the perfect scenario in which to enjoy nature, and propelled the brand to create vehicles with even greater emotional resonance,” said Chief Creative Officer, Luc Donckerwolke.

The EV Concept Trilogy: An Outlook on Genesis’ Future

The X Convertible concept lineage can be traced back to the X Concept, a two-door grand tourer that showcased Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design language. The X Speedium Coupe concept, the second car in the trilogy, was a fastback inspired by the Inje Speedium circuit in Korea. It also showcased an evolution of the Genesis Crest Grille, which evolved into a lighting signature to signify its electric powertrain. The X Convertible concept elevates the X Speedium Coupe concept further up the emotional scale.

Beyond the Common Denominator of Athletic Elegance

The concept car trilogy is crowned by the Genesis X Convertible concept, which personifies the brand’s Athletic Elegance design philosophy in its purest form. The X Convertible concept’s ideal proportions are complemented by design purity and exemplify the continued refinement in orchestrating design elements that make up Athletic Elegance. It is a beacon for the Genesis brand.

The Genesis X Convertible concept shares its architecture and electric powertrain with the 2021 X Concept and X Speedium Coupe concept, first shown at the Genesis New York House in April 2022. Combined with its folding hardtop roof—that integrates transparent moon roofs above the front occupants to provide an open feel even when closed—the architecture and powertrain set the perfect stage to communicate with nature, allowing users to enjoy the environment in a new way, free from mechanical disturbance.

The Genesis X Convertible concept’s long hood, generous dash-to-axle, short front overhang, and long wheelbase are drawn rearwards towards the long deck, accentuating its stately yet relaxed poise. The anti-wedge parabolic line emphasizes the regal character of the profile, creating tension between surfaces through a gently rearward-sloping horizontal belt line. Muscular blisters around the wheels form an athletic ‘Coke bottle’ design and integrate into an elegant silhouette when viewed from the side.

The now characteristic quad lights—from which Genesis’ Two-Line graphic identity originates—are also present on the X Convertible concept. As with the X Speedium Coupe concept, this graphic identity integrates the new EV face and forms an abstract of the Crest Grille. The cooling function for the powertrain and batteries has been relocated to lower openings in the front bumper.

The rear of the X Convertible concept features a concave elliptical duck tail intersected by horizontal quad rear lights, as seen on the X Concept and X Speedium Coupe concepts. The continuity of the elliptical shape is interrupted and accentuated by a V-shape indentation that hints at the crest and wings of the Genesis logo. The wheels are a combination of Genesis’ G-Matrix pattern orchestrated by an aero concave section. The spacers of this aero dish serve to extract heat from the brakes.

Interior and Exterior Capture Nuanced Korean Aesthetic

The interior of the X Convertible concept features a driver-centric four-seat asymmetric layout—a consistent theme throughout all recent Genesis concept cars. Its wraparound instrument panel seamlessly integrates with the centre console and cocoons the driver, emphasizing its performance-oriented attributes.

Inspired in part by traditional Korean roof architecture—a nod to both the brand’s origins as well as the most important aspect of convertibles—the interior design features a modern, vibrant colour palette, including Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange.

Giwa Navy—named after “Giwa”, the roof tiles on Korean houses. Made from recyclable wool fabric, the textured, woven pad wraps around the cabin, contrasting with the smooth and sleek leather surfaces of the seats. Meanwhile, Dancheong Orange serves as a bold accent colour—named after the traditional decorative colourings on traditional Korean wooden buildings—with bold orange stitching tracing along the fabric interior.

The Genesis X Convertible concept’s exterior is adorned in Crane White paint. White cranes represent nobility and sanctity in Korea, providing a deep cultural connection. The result is an exterior surface coated in white with pearl particles, achieving a luxurious sheen that dynamically frames the contrasting interior.

Genesis’ Take on the Thrill of Driving

The X Convertible concept is an open-air theatre, providing an unparalleled sensory experience for all occupants. Convertibles offer freedom of expression and a heightened sensory experience thanks to the open roof, which allows a direct connection with the surrounding environment. The Genesis X Convertible concept takes the sensory experience a step further with its electric powertrain and high-performance sound system developed by Soundmaster Yu. First seen in the X Speedium Coupe concept interior, the immersive audio system was specially conceived to optimize acoustic performance.

“It is the normal development of Genesis to increase the athletic and emotional facet of our design philosophy by creating an emotional trilogy in the X family,” said Luc Donckerwolke. “Innovation is the catalyst to becoming more engaged with the environment around us. We are in the process of transitioning Genesis into a company that will deliver products for customers to enjoy.”

Genesis is pleased to tune in to what customers seek in their driving experiences and aspirations, and will continue to explore new ways to create immersive driving experiences and spaces in which they can connect with their vehicle and surroundings.

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