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Harness the Power of Whole-Home Clean Energy

Genesis Home is your connection to clean energy power for your evolving lifestyle. We are pleased to offer the 240-volt Level 2 ChargePoint® Home Flex EV charger that can charge your electric vehicle up to nine times faster than with a conventional 110-volt outlet. Produce, use, and store your own solar energy with state-of-the art solar panels and highly efficient energy storage systems.

The ChargePoint® Home Flex EV Charger

Charge up to 9 times faster than a conventional 110-volt outlet with the 240-volt Level 2 ChargePoint® Home Flex EV charger. Savvy EV drivers will appreciate the ability to adjust the amperage as they choose between 16 and 50 amps, to better align with your home’s electrical service and vehicle’s charging capability.

Sustainability Solutions to Power Your Home

Solar Panels

Elevate your home with solar panels that add value, convenience and a whole-home solution to your own power source. Enjoy consistent energy while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Paired with the Energy Storage Systems, you can also store the energy you generate for future use.

Energy Storage System

Energy Storage Systems can store your panels’ excess electricity for future use. Your energy reserves can help power your home at night, at peak usage hours, and during blackouts.

Clean Power Is Closer Than You Think

Genesis Home Marketplace

Genesis Home Marketplace is a trusted destination for you to explore available Genesis Home products at your convenience. Discover potential incentives or rebates on home chargers, solar panels and energy storage systems. You can also get an instant quote or connect with an Energy Advisor for assistance.