Concept vehicle shown.

Concept Vehicles

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Concept

Genesis embraces the spirit of originality and racing with the debut of the 2024 X Gran Berlinetta Concept. Revealed as a full-scale model at the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Barcelona, this sporty concept vehicle gives you glimpse of the future of Athletic Elegance.

Game On

The Craft behind The Concept

When we set out to design a concept car for Gran Turismo 7, we found inspiration at the intersection of beauty and adrenaline, where each element has the power to turn heads and leave the other players in the dust. With every sketch we started to get closer to an evolution of our design philosophy, athletic elegance.


The Essence of Motorsport

Racing has a brand-new look. The aerodynamic X Gran Berlinetta Concept connects its expressive front and rear with Genesis' Two Lines signature. Flowing and sculpturally parabolic, this high-speed vehicle is accentuated by a powerful rear fender for the ultimate in motorsport excitement.

Concept vehicle shown.


Designed To Win

The interior of the X Gran Berlinetta Concept is designed for a competitive edge. The steer-by-wire grip commands allow for hairpin maneuvering. And the digital panoramic interface is linked to the surround digital monitoring system, providing the driver unobstructed views of the other racers.

Concept vehicle shown.
Concept vehicle shown.


Pure Adrenaline Pumping Power

The X Gran Berlinetta Concept is powered by a front mid-mounted Lambda 11 V6 engine that screams at 10,000 RPM and is electrically assisted by Genesis E-SC technology. The hybrid race-spec drivetrain delivers a total of 1071hp 986 lb-ft of torque, ensuring this car is as powerful as it is beautiful.

Concept vehicle shown.

More Concept Vehicles

Concept vehicle shown.

Genesis Neolun Concept

The Genesis Neolun Concept, meaning 'The New Moon,' embodies humanity's longstanding fascination with the moon and the dynamic vitality of its ever-rising presence. In the era of electrification, we persist in advancing technologies aligned with Genesis design philosophy and inspired by the future.

Concept vehicle shown.

Genesis Magma Concepts

Genesis Magma presents an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of performance and luxury for new interpretations in high-performance vehicles.

Concept vehicle shown.

X Snow Speedium Concept

The wild beauty of winter matches up with raw power and agility with the X Snow Speedium.
Road trips into snowy terrain have never looked this elegant.

Concept vehicle shown.

GV80 Coupe Concept

Remarkably athletic and visually disruptive, the GV80 Coupe Concept pushes performance styling into a new stratosphere and redefines how an SUV can look and feel.

Concept vehicle shown.

X Convertible Concept

The X Convertible Concept is the final iteration of an all-electric trilogy that embodies our design philosophy of athletic elegance.

Concept vehicle shown.

X Concept

Embracing the power-handling poise and commanding presence of a classic GT, the X Concept all-electric coupe has been designed for the modern driver.

Concept vehicle shown.

X Speedium Coupe Concept

The X Speedium Coupe Concept is the next chapter in all-electric driving possibilities, born out of a passion for authentic freestyle design and spirited performance.