Over-the-Air (OTA) technology uses wireless communication to deliver the latest software directly to your vehicle. Integral to elevating the overall driving experience, OTA updates* enable your vehicle to become better equipped over time, providing essential safety, performance, and feature enhancements efficiently and securely—all without visiting a service center.


OTA updates* not only help maintain your vehicle’s tech-savvy intelligence, they can also add value as it ages by continually improving existing features and introducing new ones. From updating maps for more accurate navigation, to adding new apps to the infotainment experience, and providing advanced security, OTA updates ensure the latest state-of-the-art software is constantly at your fingertips.


As new updates become available, the software is deployed over the air and downloaded while driving. Once the vehicle* is parked and powered off, you’ll receive additional details in order to approve and activate the update, or delay until later. Any delayed updates can easily be reinitiated through the infotainment screen when it’s most convenient for you.


After starting the update*, you’re free to exit the vehicle as the software quickly installs. You can check the progress on the infotainment screen, with updates typically taking less than 100 minutes to complete.


The Genesis Connected Services app will notify you when your vehicle* is refreshed and ready to go. The next time you turn it on, a message will be displayed on the infotainment screen confirming installation along with a QR code to learn more.


• Over the Air software updates are available exclusively to Genesis Connected Service users.
• Vehicles cannot be driven during an update (up to 100 minutes).
• Vehicle charging and Vehicle to Load functionality are unavailable when an update is in progress and can resume once complete.



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